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How To Destroy That Reputation You Never Had


I know you feel like skimming this article so that you can binge on 34 other posts on Medium. I know you have a lot to do today. I know you’re about to look for those big numbered titles that will give you a sense of this post in 3 seconds. What if you did things differently this time? What if you read it all. It’s only going to take 4 min. And it might change your life. Or at least your day, but...

How To Be Creative Every Day For The Rest Of Life


Creating is one of the most satisfying activities one can engage in, right after eating brunch. But it’s hard. Damn, it’s hard. Getting inspired. Translating ideas into projects. Finishing ventures. Being original. Being worthy of attention. Putting oneself out there. Exposing oneself. How do “creative people” do it? Sometimes, I just feel like Zeus rug rats only sing to a...

Growing Epic Grit Is All You Need To See Change


When I look at world-class performers, I see magic. I see Gods. I see supernatural. Guess what? My vanity is fooling me. I find it hard to accept that someone, somewhere, worked harder than I did. That I could be that someone, but I’m not. While he’s winning the Olympics, getting an Oscar, curing cancer, I’m watching Seinfeld. I love Seinfeld. Seinfeld & pancakes. But I...

9 unusual tips to learn everything and excel at anything


Learn with the best A real learning should go through training and coaching. You cannot rely every day on yourself. You need accountability and immediate feedback. You can learn a lot by yourself nowadays. But if you don’t get the point of view of a third party, you’re not availing yourself of your learning to its fullest. Be it a coach, on online class, a workshop, or even a student...

6 meaningful reasons why you should hit the gym this week – No, it’s not for your abs.


Would it be that fitness is only good for great physique and a healthy heart? Well, that would already be enough you ungrateful millennial. The end. Just kidding. When you go work out, and struggle, what is driving you? How to make sure you never skip this training ever again? If you’re like me, sometimes you wonder how to fit training into your already jam-packed schedule. You tell...

Whiplash: 10 life lessons


Whiplash. I didn’t watch it for a while as I thought it was the name of the latest Disney movie. True story.   I was watching this movie for the 6th time this week and wondered: Why did it get so much success? Sure, it’s wonderfully written, acted, shot, edited, musically incredible, [add any other superlative here]. But is that it? Not that it’s not enough, don’t get me...

Life As Sport: What Top Athletes Can Teach You about How to Win in Life – Book Summary


Life As Sport. I bought it thinking it would encourage me to shove down beers and hot dogs while watching others shine on TV. I was wrong. But I still enjoyed it. In his book Life as Sport: What Top Athletes Can Teach You about How to Win in Life, Jonathan Fader explains how to apply mental & behavioral tricks elite athletes use to reach your goals. No needles involved, don’t worry...

the B.D.H. mindset: How to become who you want to be today


I recently heard for the first time about the B.D.H. mindset. HAVE -> DO -> BE Once I’ll have something (time, money, balls), I’ll do something, that will make me be someone. But we got it all wrong. It’s the other way around. You should: BE -> DO  -> HAVE Be someone (have the mindset of), to do something NOW that will eventually make you have everything you want. You might see...

3 scary reasons you have to stop being a people pleaser right now and forever.


No seriously please. Enough already. Your life depends on it like Kanye West depends on Kanye West. The more you try – the duller you become. I’m not saying you should be a d*ck (yeah, you read right, I meant a duck). But pick your battles. Life is too short to get caught up in considerations and aspirations that you will never meet – neither should you. See, trying to please...

Never Eat Alone – Book Summary


Eating alone. You know you’re doing it too much when you start talking to your steak. And hear it answer back. Never Eat Alone is a sweet mixture of manipulation technics for bombastic networking addicts and actually useful actionable & inspiring tips. But see, the former might be the Redbull in your vodka. You don’t like it but still, you”ll have it to keep on going. In...

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